Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ngee Ann Poly trip bio photos

First observation: Viewing of pond water
This is a picture of a algae found in the pond water. If you look closely enough you can see an amoeba at the top left corner.
Second observation: Fungi isolation and viewing
This picture show many cells (probably yeast). They come from the mould of a piece of mouldy bread.
This shows a very interesting picture that has a few different types of cells.
Third observation: Staining of bacteria
i) Yogurt.
This picture shows what is observed when yogurt is run under crystal violet and put under a microscope.
This is a closer view of the yogurt specimen.
ii) Tooth swab
This shows the organisms found in Rayner's teeth.
Fourth observation: Hanging Drop
This shows what is observed under the microscope after the experiment is carried out.
A closer view of the bacteria.
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Teeth Swab
Hanging drop technique
Nose Swab

*If you want to see more pictures or videos of the observations feel free to ask me (Benjamin).
Do not use any of the above photographs without permission from Mr. Low.

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