Saturday, September 18, 2010



  1. 1. 150 000 abortions IN THE US not around the world
    2. So you saying all must stop having sex in order not to have unwanted pregnancies? Then what are contraceptives
    3. The vid was cut off

  2. @Ben
    He forgot to state some important keywords to cause his speech to crumble. The cut off was probably Blogger's suckish video upload.

  3. @Ben
    1. First of all its 115 00 abortions and not 150 000 abortions and secondly my source of information states that is in the WORLD not in the US. US should be 3700 a day
    2. Well like i said it is my personal opinion you may think using contraceptives is a better method in your opinion.

  4. @Nik
    He probably said that you stated "sex" instead of "unprotected sex". But your point is not to have sex AT ALL. And I have 4000 a day for US.