Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Class Test Reflection 2: Digestion, Diffusion & Osmosis

Your reflections should describe your strengths and weaknesses in this test (Competency areas: Knowledge, Understanding & Application). Use specific examples from the questions to highlight these areas. In addition, describe how are you going to prepare for the coming Practical test (Term 4 Week 2).

Please follow this format:
i) Strengths: . . .
ii) Weaknesses: . . .
iii) Areas to improve: . . .
Provide some questions as examples.

Note: Please use scholarly language with no spelling or grammatical errors. Avoid slang or casual conversational writing.


  1. For this test, my strengths are 'template' questions, where the answers need to follow a certain design in order to score for that question. I am also good at remembering main points of certain topics. Some of my weaknesses are carelessness, one such example is the page where it is about amoebas. I was very careless and thought that amoebas were plants. That cost me 3 marks. I must focus and revise more properly in the future to ensure that carelessness would not cost me a lot of marks during exams.


  2. Strengths: My concept is good and I can structure my answers the format that is required. I got all except one of my open ended questions correct.

    Weaknesses: I am very careless and weak in my MCQ. In question three i mistook the question and thought they were asking for the water concentration levels of the solution rather than the potato strips.

    Areas of improvement: Check more carefully.


  3. I was able to answer all the OE questions . I did not know that protease was present in a pineapple and that caused me to lose 1 mark. I would improve my general knowledge about enzymes in fruits.

  4. i) Strengths: I could know the concept for Osmosis very well. My MCQ had significantly improved
    ii) Weaknesses: I wasnt able to differentiate between a cell that had cell wall and had no cell wall. Forgot to write Precipitate.
    iii) Areas to improve: I must have more general knowledge of Bio and also remember not to be careless
    EG: I put Brick Red without Precipitate, I wrote Amoeba will be turgid of swelling and burst.

  5. I did badly and failed this biology test.

    What I could do was the digestive system component and point the specific organs and such that relate to a distinct function (microvilli, etc.).

    In my osmosis component, I could answer in the standard structure (high/low water potential > water molecules leave/enter the cell > cell becomes crenated/swell and burst.

    However, I made numerous blunders too. I mistook concentrated solution for having higher water potential than the cell sap in the cell.
    This caused a "domino effect", and made my whole answer wrong.

    I also omitted precipitate in my answer.

    I could study more in osmosis and other topics and ensure that I get all the facts and relationships right.

    Tim Yap

  6. Strengths: I understand the question well.

    Weakness: I miss out on keywords and I need to work on my spelling. I also need to research more on the keywords to know how I can use them.

    Areas to Improve: I have to know what each keyword means and I have to know how to use them. I also need to research more on what is important e.g what does a banana contain to help us in our run.

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  8. Strength- I was able to apply what I learnt to the questions.

    Weakness- I was careless and missed out keywords and had spelling errors.

    Areas to improve- I must be more careful and remember to pu in the keywords.

  9. 1. Strengths: I know the concept and can apply them to the questions.

    2. Weaknesses: I was very careless in my work, an example was that I mistook Amoeba for a plant instead of a bacteria, this caused marks to be deducted. I also missed out key points and words, an example was that I had forgot to add the word “reducing” with “sugar”.

    3. Areas to improve: Osmosis and digestion.

    I could improve by revising and checking my work more thoroughly.

  10. 1) Strengths: Nothing, seriously. Except the fact I managed to get some marks from the topic digestion. Otherwise, nothing.

    2) Weaknesses: Plenty. Examples? The whole topic on OSMOSIS. If only I had the right concept in mind, I could have scored an extra 7 marks. My structure was right, concept totally oposite. Otherwise it's only 1 or 2 careless mistakes here and there.

    3) Areas to improve: What I need is more practice and familiarisation on this topic, OSMOSIS.

  11. I'd just better spend more time memorizing and comprehending the information. I merely did not study enough for this test. Need better time management and better ways of studying.

  12. 1. Strength : I can list long sentences in a short time, and can manage my time since the experience of previous tests.

    2. Weakness : I have too many weaknesses, and is still trying to improve on them. Such as, studying keywords for tests.

    3. Areas to improve on : Areas are to study only keywords and the main topics for Science.

  13. Strength: I am able to remember concepts easily.

    Weakness: I am not able to apply the concept to the question. Questions that are related to daily life are the ones that i got it wrong.

    Areas to improve on: Time management and apply concepts. Be more attentive to my life.

  14. Strengths: My strengths are understanding the concept and applying the ‘fixed’ answers from what I’ve learned to answer the question, e.g. Section B Q1b, I remember what Mr Low said about the format for answering that question and i memorized that.

    Weaknesses: My weakness is carelessness, e.g. section B Q3d, I wrote down one feature instead of two features. My MCQ is also really bad.

    Areas to improve: To have better time management and look at the questions really carefully.

  15. Strengths: I am able to understand the concept and this helps me as I can answer the questions when ever the concept is involved with the question. I can also roughly gage how much I am supposed to write for each question.

    Weaknesses: My weakness is not being able to remember facts and keywords. For example, I forgot to put the word "precipitate" in question 3b) and this cost me one mark. My carelessness has also caused me to lose a mark in question 2a). I put osmosis instead of diffusion. I had also not read the question properly for Section A, question 2 and thought the question had asked for the concentration of the liquid surrounding the potato strip.

    Areas to improve: I can spend more time remembering more facts and I can also read the questions more carefully.

  16. Strength: I am able to understand the lessons and have decent knowledge on the topics.

    Weaknesses: I avoided the format Mr Loh taught for some of Section B's question, but instead write my knowledge and inference on the question.

    Areas to improve: I would like to understand more on the topic and try to distribute my time on the paper so as not to rush through the last few questions at the very end.

  17. I am able to answer questions relating to concepts but my weakness is that I am careless in my answers.

    I can spend more time checking my paper to prevent such happenings.

  18. Please follow this format:
    i) Strengths: Able to remember what I had learnt and able to apply it to different questions.
    ii) Weaknesses: I forgot to add in the word precipitate for the question 3b, and sometimes I get confused with diffusion and osmosis.
    iii) Areas to improve: I can practice more and remember to write the word precipitate when the question is about sugar test.

  19. 1) Strengths: I am able to memorize and understand the key points of the questions that came out for the test.

    2) Weaknesses: It is very hard for me to memorize informations. I can only do so when I totally understand the whole topic. I am very careless too.

    3) Areas to improve: I must improve in my understanding of some topic. I must also check my work more, so as to make sure that I am not careless.

    Si Yuan