Monday, August 16, 2010

Class Test Reflection 1: Cells & Transport in Humans

Your reflections should describe your strengths and weaknesses in this test (Competency areas: Knowledge, Understanding & Application). Use specific examples from the questions to highlight these areas. Project into the future as to how you plan to improve this topic and each of these competency areas.

Please follow this format:
i) Strengths: . . .
ii) Weaknesses: . . .
iii) Areas to improve: . . .
Provide some questions as examples.

Note: Please use scholarly language with no spelling or grammatical errors. Avoid slang or casual conversational writing.


  1. i) I was able to answer the questions correctly and use the correct terms.
    ii) I was not specific enough in question 4 part c and question 2 and lost 2 marks there.
    iii) I must be more specific and use the correct terms when answering.

  2. For my strengths, I think that I managed to do fine in the recent test is that most of us have already studied about digestive system and about the cells thus I already have some background knowledge about it.I was also lucky that questions that I could still remember came out for the test.
    For my weakness, I should have revised more thoroughly especially about the part of the stem cells which was the last question.
    I should have revised more thoroughly.

  3. Preston

    I feel that my strength is answering questions which test us on the important points of a particular subject. For example, there is a question that asks me to name one specialized cell and its adaptations. I would have remembered and learnt one specialized cell and its adaptations. So I would answer a red-blood cell has a bi-concave structure for increased surface area to volume per ratio for absorption of oxygen in the blood.
    One weakness that I have is that I am careless. Sometimes when time is running out for me during a test, I tend to rush and make careless mistakes. Otherwise I did not see the mistakes while checking the paper for them. For example, I needed to answer the question “Why does a red-blood cell have a bi-concave structure?”. I would have been careless enough to write “It is for increased absorption of oxygen in the blood.”, and I forgot to write down “volume per ratio”. Thus I lose careless marks.
    I can improve by focusing on the paper and double check the paper many times for careless mistakes. That way I make sure that no careless marks are lost.
    Overall, I think that could have done better in this test and for the tests to come.

  4. My strength would be describing processes correctly. I answered most of the questions that required us to describe processes correctly.

    My weakness lies in answering the keywords that each question requires us to state. I always lose points in not answering the question with the correct keywords. Another weakness would also be remembering the specific terms, keywords and concepts for some questions, for example, remembering that Ribosomes are studded on Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum.

    I can improve by using the right methods and singling out time to study. I should also try using keywords when answering questions.

  5. My strengths are that I'm able to understand and answer the important points correctly.
    An example is that a question on identifying the organelles of the plant and explaining why there is more of that organelle in a sperm cell. I would remember the organelles of a plant and remember how it looks like, then applying the functions to the sperm cell.
    I would answer a Mitochondria produces energy that is needed for the sperm cell to swim to the egg.

    One of my weaknesses is writing a little too much than what was needed for the same amount of points.
    For that same question: I also mentioned what form is the energy made into (adosine triphosphate).
    My other weakness is missing out some points of the answer, causing myself to lose marks.
    An example is to suggest and describe another treatment to ensure complete removal of cancer cells.
    I wrote that the patient should undergo radiotherapy to remove the cancer cells from the large intestine. What I missed out is that High energy waves are targeted on the specific body part.

    To improve, I would need to revise more throughly and take note on what I should revise so that i would not waste too much time on that question. Overall, I have done quite well but I plan to improve my results in the next test.

  6. I feel that my strength is spelling the keywords correctly and memorizing the key parts of the cell, organ, etc. and their functions.

    My weaknesses is when it comes to the tests and examinations, my answers are not that specific and I forget to write in the key function of that certain part of the cell, organ, vessel, etc. For example, the first Biology Test Q4a, I missed out the function of why Blood Vessel B (Artery) has thick muscular and elastic tissues. I only write Blood Vessel B (Artery) has thick muscular layers, but I did not write it is to withstand high blood pressure.

    Some areas for improvement is to try to write my answers specifically and not so vague, and remembering to write the function of the part of the certain thing. I should also not miss out important details.

    -Michelle Dapito.

  7. From the differences between what I wrote and the actual answers, I find that I would have to practice on writing ALL the key points instead of leaving out small details. Another flaw in my work sometimes is that I overwrite what I have to say and should try to understand what the question is REALLY looking for so as to use the time given well.

    - Hardy Shein Nyein Chan

  8. I was able to understand and apply the things I had learnt. But I kept using the wrong terms to describe things for example, instead of writing"between it and body cells", I wrote "between it and other parts of the body". I need to work on using the right terms to describe things.

  9. i)
    I understood the questions very well and another strength is that I read the instructions carefully.
    My weakness is that I miss out many key words in my answers and my explanation of answers are not too clear.
    I must improve my sentence structure and explain more clearly what is stated in my answer. I must also be more specific in my answer.

  10. I was able to apply exactly what I've studied.
    I am confused with the cells and their organelles.
    Need to improve on my biology drawings and observation.

  11. My strengths: I revised before the test and thus, I can answer majority of the questions properly.

    My weaknesses: I write answers that are too long for a question that does not require such long answers. This causes me to spend too much time on a single question. I do not know the respective phrases to use. Instead of writing high energy waves, I wrote strong electronic waves.

    My areas to improve: I can study harder and memorise more facts and I can also practice writing more precise answers that are shorter and so, this gives me more time to do other questions and also to check my work.

  12. (i) I was able to correct from my previous pop quiz mistakes and managed to get them correct.
    (ii) I was quite careless for the drawing part and I missed out the large central vacuole in the root hair cell.
    (iii) I think that I need to work more on being more specific when answering open-ended questions.

    Si Yuan

  13. I could understand the facts and could memorise the key concepts (E.g. cell>tissue>organ>system>organism)However, there were many facts apart from the key concepts which are complicated and challenging to remember. Also, I am not good at answering certain questions the proper way. I can also study the information sheets.

    Tim Yap

  14. 1: I could answer the questions with proper answer.
    2:Very careless, did not properly evaluare the question to write out the correct answer. EG: Root hair cell, thought it was epilethical cell and thus i answered the questions according to that.
    3: I need to read the questions more carefully to answer the questions accordingly.

  15. I was able to understand and apply the things I have learnt. I also had knew the key concepts and know how to answer the questions.

    However, I did not put in the keywords which made me lose a lot of marks. I also did not know how to spell some words e.g Ribosome.

    The areas to improve is that I must be more specific and use the correct terms when answering.

  16. My strengths are that I can memorise the key concepts of the cell, organ, etc. and their functions.

    My weakness are that I do not know how to apply the concepts that I have learnt during the examinations and I leave out important stuff that I thought that was not needed when it was important.

    I need to work on identifying what the questions are asking and answer specifically.

  17. 1) I was able to remember most of the facts.
    2) I left out key words that was needed.
    3) I need to remember more of the facts and better understand them.

  18. I could memorise all the key concepts (cell>tissue>organ>system>organism)and basic facts, which enabled me to obtain good score. However, there are many other facts to remember, including several scientific terms(mitochondria singular). Also, I am not good at answering the questions in the proper way. I should study my notes harder.

  19. 1. I was able to remember the concepts and facts and apply it.
    2. I could not remember the methods to apply it. Ex: elaboration
    3. I have to pratice more on my methods to apply the answer according to the question.